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by Larry Zwier


The sun is down, but the lights are on—and you’re safe.
Everybody’s feelin’ well, and there’s cookie smell—you’re safe.
Never mind the stories; turn off CNN.
They don’t know a thing about us; they’re not listenin’.
The only thing that matters, we already know.

There’s an easy chair. Settle down in there—you’re safe.
Your grandma calls, snow begins to fall—and you’re safe.
Never mind the Weather Channel; they just want a storm.
Go make some angels, look in on the warm.
If you want me to start a fire, just let me know.

Never mind aggressive vexations to the spirit.
They live in a different world; we just won’t go near it.
Maybe someday they’ll discover what we already know.

The day is done, Reading Rainbow’s on – you’re safe.
You’ll see your friends at school, I promise you’ll all be safe.
Never mind the preachers; God ain’t that kind of guy.
He doesn’t sweat the small things, neither do your dad and I.
You’ll always have a home with us, I hope you know.
You’re safe. You’re safe. You’re safe.


from Devotion EP, released December 19, 2015
sound engineer: Ryan Wert (Elm Street Recording)



all rights reserved


Austin J Kaufmann Lansing, Michigan

The Dangling Participles are an acoustic music trio from Lansing, MI.

Members include:

Austin Kaufmann (vocals, guitar, harmonica, resonator, mandolin)

Tamiko Rothhorn (vocals, cornet, ukulele)

Larry Zwier (vocals, guitar)

Tim Patterson (bass, octave mandolin)

Tyler Case (percussion)

Former Members:
Maggie Vosters (vocals)
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